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Whisky tumbler glass with modern day twist. This glass is suitable for people who like to use big glass, yet sometimes want to make room for ultimate tasting experience.

Size is more than suitable for whiskey on the rocks. Yet occasionally you might want to get all the aromas with the tulip shape.

  • Design: Tulip shaped nosing glass
  • Two sizes available: 209 and 320 ml

When you want quality and quantity while drinking your favorite spirit, you should consider this snifter glass.

It holds up to 200-320 ml and is shaped like a nosing glass. The tulip shape is not as narrow as with smaller designs. But it’s enough to concentrate those aromas better than a classic tumbler.

So if you want a hybrid of whiskey tumbler and a nosing glass, buy this one. The shape is just perfect for big gulps while sniffing the spirit.

This type of glass suits well for any kind of spirit, especially for whiskey, cognac, brandy or rum.



1 pcs, 2 pcs


209 ml, 320 ml


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