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Evolution of Finnish football (soccer) jersey

Onni Valakari in Finnish jersey 2020

It’s been one of the major topics in the football world ever since its first launch in 2020. The Finnish national team kit for Euro Cup. Even though the tournament never started in 2020 because of covid-19, the kit has been in use for UEFA Nations League matches.

Finland has shown some nice football in those matches. They even managed to win reigning world champions France in a friendly match (picture above with Onni Valakari scoring the second goal). But what seems to be striking even harder than Teemu Pukki (Finland’s top scorer), is their creative national team jersey.

The jersey has been a hot topic – a real conversation starter amongst football crowds.

You can order the kit from Produtti.

Let’s take a look at previous Finnish football a.k.a soccer jerseys.


History in the making as Finland claimed the spot at Euro 2020 in these white shirts. Starting eleven (from top left): 1 Hradecky, 16 Pirinen, 2 Arajuuri, 4 Toivio, 7 Tuominen, 22 Raitala, 14 Sparv (C), 13 Soiri, 6 Kamara, 8 Lod and 10 Pukki.

(Photo by Markku Ulander/Lehtikuva)


They had a quite nice look in 2014 as well, even though the 2020 design is superb. Here’s a 2014 starting eleven with home kit:

2014 home kit for Team Finland
(Photo by Martti Kainulainen)


Finnish starting eleven in a match against England at Anfield Road on March 24, 2001. England won 2-1 with goals from Owen and Beckham, after Riihilahti had first given Finland the lead. From top left: Antti Niemi, Sami Hyypia, Jarkko Wiss, Hannu Tihinen, Jonatan Johansson ja Harri Ylonen. From bottom left: Jari Litmanen, Mika Nurmela, Petri Pasanen, Aki Riihilahti ja Joonas Kolkka.

Finnish football national team 2001
(Photo by: Juha Tamminen)


Team Finland against Brazil in 1-3 loss. From top left: Jari Rinne, Ari Heikkinen, Erik Holmgren, Anders Eriksson and Jouko Vuorela. From bottom left: Jari Litmanen, Jari Vanhala, Marko Myyry, Kari Laukkanen, Erkka Petaja and Ari Tegelberg

Finnish football national team in 1992
(Photo by: Finnish Museum of Sports)


Veikko Paven, Ake Lindman and Pekka Kupiainen presenting the 1950’s look on cover of Urheilun Kuva-Aitta magazine.

Cover of Urheilun Kuva-Aitta magazine


Finnish national team facing Italy in a tight 3-2 loss which has been described as one of the best performances of Finnish national football team because Italy had won 1934 and 1938 World Cup and 1936 Olympic Gold.

From top left: Pentti Eronen (HJK), Holger Granström (KIF), Eino Lahti (HPS), Aatos Lehtonen (HJK), Armas Pyy (HJK), Antero Rinne (HJK), Kurt Weckstrom (HJK) and Nuutti Lintamo (VPS). From bottom left: Veli Leskinen (HT), Thure Sarnola (KPT) and Frans Karjagin (HIFK). Finland played with then traditional 2-3-5 formation.

National football team of Finland in 1939

2020 we saw even better performance when Finland won the reigning World Cup winner France. Both played with alternative starting lineups but that makes the win even more incredible since Finland’s second team is much weaker than France.

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