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Best Grappa Glasses – Tips For Choosing Right One

Choosing the best grappa glass

You might have heard about this specialty of Northern Italy, the fragrant brandy called grappa. Famous for its fruity and refreshing tone. Well, not that famous if you ask me. I think that grappa is being over shadowed by whisky and cognac.

It deserves more credit than its getting. I only discovered this noble drink when my friends pointed me towards it. Stating it’s the undiscovered beauty of Italy. And that’s just what it is. Let’s make grappa great!

And let’s start the greatness by choosing the right kind of glass for it. Traditional grappa glasses have the looks of rounded champagne flutes or mini wine glasses.

Grappa glass usually has a long stem that supports its rounded bowl with thin top, making it look like an hourglass. There’s usually a widening at the top, to give away the aromas. After concentrating those aromas in that round bowl.

This silhouette not only compliments the drink, it maximizes the grappa’s flavors and aromas. Giving it room for the air to get in, and the aromas to get out controlled.

Let’s see what Produtti has to offer:

Vintage grappa glass

This is the traditional look. You’ll most likely end up sipping grappa out of similar kind of glasses while getting served in an Italian restaurant.

This is the vintage grappa glass. It has the classic shape. You’ll feel dignified and your drink will taste and nose great. At least, if you have your favorite grappa in it.

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Elegant grappa glass

This is a modern, yet elegant take on traditional Italian grappa glass style. There’s that classic design but it’s been shaped in a way that compliments the round center even more.

This version gives away aromas a bit more since the top is more open. So if you like intensity, you’ll probably love the vintage glass more. But this elegant design gives you a more mellow approach.

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Hope you liked this article – feel free to share it with your friends!

And let’s make a commitment to grappa, it’s a great part of Italian cuisine. And it definitely needs more attention.

So next time, when you’re having dessert, take some quality grappa on the side!

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